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A full healthcheck can be carried out for your business to establish areas where you need help.


Our consultants will work with you to produce all the relevant papers you require to ensure you are compliant with the law and allow you to focus on managing your business.





We provide a variety of training courses covering a range of subject areas:-



Practical Skills

School Programmes / Timetabling



We have worked with a number of school staff teams to produce school timetables. The training includes the use of practical Nova T6. We provide support for staff to enable them to produce the schools timetable.


The training is a combination of practical training, theory and the production of a timetable for the school. 


We are finally over the curve with numbers looking better & some relaxation in terms of the lock down & return to work.

If your staff are returning to work, you are responsible for providing a safe work space which must be regularly reviewed.  A Risk Assessment must be carried out & this can be provided happily provided by Premier RIght Answers.


Return to work PPE must also be provided, gloves, hand sanitiser, tissues, perhaps aprons, eye shields, etc. Encourage your staff to consider travelling to work on foot, by car or bicycle. 

In terms of both staff & customers you must continue to provide 'social distancing', control the number of people within areas at any one time. 

These simple tips will set you on the road to successful management of your team at this tough time.  

If we can help you in the management of your business & your staff teams then please call our HR Partner Wendy A Parr who will be happy to help.

Our new training & meeting facility has been used by & for so many over the last few months which is great. Don't forget our super space has a fully interactive whiteboard, a projector & screen, computer connection & charging facilities, WIFI plus tea & coffee facilities. Why not have a look at our new space - we are just so excited. 

Wendy A Parr                        Tim D C Parr

Business Partner                                                         Education Partner


“Premier Right Answers made all the difference to my business. Thanks to your consultant we are back on track and ahead of the others in our field”


H.R  Healthcheck


To arrange a H.R Health Check ring

Wendy Parr on 07774-186 792

who will make a date to visit and see just how we can help. The health check includes some of the following areas:-


Contracts of Employment

Job Descriptions

Policies & Procedures

Health & Safety

Staff Handbook 

Employment Issues

Tribunal Preparation

Legal Advice

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