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School Programmes


We offer training in Nova-T 6, for individuals or groups. Using your own data we can arrange to have one or more sessions which will cover

  • Timetabling theory, blocks, groups etc.

  • Timetabling compromises - what works and what doesn't

  • Setting up Nova-T6 ready to timetable. Collecting data from your staff.

  • Creating blocks and scheduling

  • Optimizing the timetable.


Complete timetable solution

 Let us help you write your own timetable. Tim can advise on your curricullum models, help with the data collection and setting up of Nova-T6 and assist your staff in the construction of the timetable. In our experience schools are rarely satisfied with a turn key timetable service and so we do not offer that. Instead, Tim will work with your timetabler to create the best timetable possible for your school.


By working with a member of your staff, this process acts as training for that member of staff and ensures that any compromises made are the optimal ones to fit your particular needs and ethos.

Facility Plus

Facility plus is an add on for facility CMIS which runs as a stand alone system. It is designed to give easy access to CMIS core data to staff and administrators alike. It can replace all of the functionality of ePortal and has a streamlined, consistent interface.


Facility plus includes:

  • Attendance - register entry and reporting. 

  • Awards - Manage merits and produce automatic certificates

  • Behaviour management - create behaviour incidents and manage the workflow - incidents are assigned to staff members for action, and can be referred up, sideways or down. Rules are configurable to avoid queue jumping (or to allow it!). 

  • Record communications with home. Pull all the information on Merits, Behaviour, Attendance etc. into one overarching report for full analysis

  • Record assessments in customizable marksheets

  • Track professional development objectives and link these to the school development plan. Have as many reviews of these as are require.

  • Keep your own evidence portfolio for professional development and refer to it during the PD review meetings.

  • Create quality assurance forms (lesson observations, book checks etc) and record these online.

  • Room bookings

  • Manage student groups in a safe way - set up a model that links groups together so that students can be safely moved by teachers

  • Alter timetables from within Facility Plus - easily add lessons, alter rooms or change teachers by dragging and dropping with no configuration.

  • Set up watch lists to send emails when certain criteria are met - watch a group of students for non-attendance for example.

  • Send summary emails to parents automatically via email.

  • Create template letters and emails and have these sent / printed automatically.

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