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Training Programmes


We offer some standard training programmes as detailed below, but can also create bespoke ones tailored to your organisation's needs.



Understanding Parkinsons

Provides an insight into Parkinson's Disease, the signs and syptoms and looks at how to live with this common illness.


Visual Awareness

This course affords the opportunity to understand visual impairrment, and allows the participants to experience the difficulties facing those with various visual impairments.


Infectious Diseases

This course looks at Hepatitis B, Aids and HIV plus MRSA. Designed to increase the carers understanding of the signs & symptoms, how to live with, and plan for the future of life with these three diseases.


Overcoming Depression

Designed to look at the signs & symptoms of depression & to help understand the problems & treatments involved.


Heart Attacks & Strokes

We look at how heart attacks & strokes occur, the signs & symptoms, plus the treatment of these conditions. Recovery & how to cope with life after heart attacks and strokes are also covered.


Many more courses are available, including:-

Understanding Alzheimers, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Bereavement, Diabetes, Healthy Diets, Terminal Illness, living with Disability & Rehabilitation. 




Looking at conflict in business and how to turn negative situations into positive outcomes by using assertiveness as a philosophy.


Discipline & Grievance

An opportunity to look at the disciplinary process & how to effectively use procedures from investigation through decision making & appeals. Employee representation, record keeping & the cause of disciplinary action, including the grievance procedure


Presentation Skills

Designed for both novice & seasoned presenters, this course covers the basic skills including structure, body language & eye contact. The use of visual aids, technical presentation systems, and provides all attendees to give presentations throughout the course with ongoing evaluation of performance.


Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

A chance to explore how both positive & negative behaviours affect the success, or not, of transactions in teh business world. Understanding behaviours & providing tips on how to use positive behaviours to succeed in business.


Managing People

The session provides your managers with top hints and tips plus a host of information on how to develop your team.


Management Development

Having the right skills for the job, managing performance, achieving results, motivating staff, Leadership planning & assessed outcomes. Hints & tips to build your team.


Other Courses Include:-

​Listening & questioning techniques, attacking absenteeism, retirement planning, stress menagement, training for trainers, team building, designing & managing the  work reviews process. The 360 degree appraisals system.



Practical Skills

Report Writing

This course explores the use & benefits of informal & formal report writing. Discover the use of brainstorming & mind mapping techniques in report writing. Practical report writing exercises are part of this hands on course.


Telephone Skills

Communication is vital in business today, & this course provides practical 'how to's' to ensure that all your customers receive a skillful & exceptional telephone technique applied by all the members of your team.


Time Management

This course provides a practical insight into how to effectively & efficiently use your time to achieve the best results in business. Setting objectives, using delegation & organising time effectively, just some of the skills the participants will be given opportunitites to explore. 


Project Management

Planning is vital in the race to be successful in business today, participants will understand the purpose, construction & administration of project planning. Using theory & the software package microsoft project students will have a full understanding of Project Management.


Additional Course Include:- Customer Service, Interview Techniques, Written Skills, Practical Management.


School Packages

Timetable Consultancy 

Includes a full health check of your existing curriculum & assistance with modeling difficult situations. Timetabling theory for individual or small groups. practical novaT6 training. Support for staff to produce your school timetable. combination of training & theory to produce your timetable.


Facility Plus

This software package extends Serco's CMIS school managment information system, It is written & owned by Premier Right Answers. Facility Plus is designed to provide a consistent user interface to school staff, to be configurable by admin staff & very easy to use by teachers.


Facility Plus

Provides teachers and school staff with easy access to:- Asessment data, staff school & room timetables, behaviour management data, new ways of inputting assessment & attendance date, and much, much more.


Facility Plus

Also boasts both a Quality Assurance and Professional Developent packages.


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